New Update: ui/Theme-Builder Pro Package v1.3.8

We are excited to introduce the latest update for the ui/Theme-Builder Pro Package v1.3.8. This update brings some exciting enhancements and updates to make your website building experience even easier and more flexible.

uiThemeBuilder Warp Template Update to v1.5.5

With this update, we have upgraded the uiThemeBuilder Template to version 1.5.5. This means you now have access to even more features and optimizations to customize the look and feel of your website.

uiThemeBuilder Template Customizer: New Google Fonts in the "Google Fonts Local (GDPR)" category

To comply with privacy requirements, we have added new Google Fonts to the "Google Fonts Local (GDPR)" category. This allows you to use attractive fonts without compromising privacy regulations.

uiThemeBuilder Template: Fix Form Editing Layout for Joomla Articles

We have also fixed the form editing layout for Joomla articles to ensure that your content is always displayed optimally.

New HTML Layout Overrides for Modules and Article Layout Revision

In this update, we have added new HTML layout overrides for modules such as "Articles Popular", "Related Items", "Archive Articles" and "Articles Categories". Additionally, we have removed the "default" layout for these modules to expand customization options. This will make your website even more unique and appealing.

Article Layout Revision and Introduction of "Microdata"

The article layout in the uiThemeBuilder Template has also been revised to provide a better user experience. Furthermore, we have introduced "Microdata" into the layout. (Learn more)

What is "Microdata"?

"Microdata" is a specialized markup language used to mark up machine-readable information in HTML documents. It is based on the standard and allows search engines to better understand a website's content, resulting in more relevant search results.

Benefits of "Microdata" in Article Posts

  • Improved Visibility in Search Engines: Thanks to "Microdata," search engines can better interpret the content of your articles and display more relevant results for search queries.
  • Rich Snippets: "Microdata" enables search engines to display rich snippets that can include additional information about your articles, such as ratings, authors, and publication dates. This makes your search results more prominent and informative.
  • Enhanced User Experience: By using structured data, you can ensure that your articles are displayed optimally on various devices and platforms, enhancing the user experience.

We hope you enjoy these new enhancements, making your website building process even easier and more effective. Thank you for your support!

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