Admin Edit View, Bug Fixes and Code Refactoring

One of the notable additions in this release is the ability to select a template style directly from the admin edit view. This feature allows users to easily select a template style previously created in Template customizer without having to navigate through multiple menus. This streamlined workflow increases efficiency and allows users to quickly customize their pages.

Bug Fix: Srcset Background Images for Sections

In response to some user feedback, we fixed a bug related to the generation of the srcset images for sections. Previously, users had issues with thumbnail generation when using the srcset option. Our development team carefully addressed this issue and made sure that thumbnails are now generated correctly and adapt to different screen sizes.

Code Refactoring

In our quest to maintain clean and efficient code, we have made significant code refactoring efforts in the (1.2.1) release. Refactoring is about restructuring and optimizing the code base without changing its external behavior. This process helps improve code readability, maintainability, and performance. By optimizing the code, we can reduce potential bugs, increase development efficiency, and lay a solid foundation for future feature enhancements.

The latest version brings exciting new features, bug fixes and code refactoring to ui/Theme-Builder Pro. The addition of template style selection in the admin edit view provides users with a convenient way to view their page content as a final result. The bug fix related to srcset background images ensures smooth thumbnail creation. The code refactoring effort improves code quality and improves readability, maintainability, and performance.

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