Tutorial: Using Microdata in ui/Theme-Builder Components

The ui/Theme-Builder allows you to optimize your website for search engines with advanced features and information. One way to achieve this is to use microdata. In this blog post, we'll show you how to use microdata in various theme builder components to better structure your website and make information more accessible to search engines.

Components Where Microdata Usage is Possible:

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Open a ui/Theme-Builder Page

Start by opening your ui/Theme-Builder page and select the component where you want to use microdata.

2. Open Component Settings

Go into the settings of the selected component and look for the image alt option to add microdata.

3. Use Your Own Image

It's important to ensure that you use your own image instead of a random image from unsplash.com. This way, you maintain control over the information associated with the image.

4. Use the Correct Syntax in ALT Attributes

To use microdata, use the following syntax in the ALT attributes of the image:

1st Section | 2nd Section | 3nd Section | 4nd Section | 5nd Section
4.1. 1st Section: Image Description

The first section should contain a clear description of the image.

4.2. 2nd Section: Image Creator

Specify the name or artist's name of the image creator here.

4.3. 3nd Section: Image License URL

Include the URL to the image's license information here.

4.4. 4nd Section: Image Acquire License Page (optional)

If applicable, you can provide the URL to the page where users can acquire a license for the image.

4.5. 5nd Section: Image Credit Text (optional)

This section can be used to add additional information or acknowledgments related to the image.


Using microdata in your ui/Theme-Builder page can help enhance the SEO optimization of your website and deliver information in a structured manner to search engines. By following the above steps, you can ensure that microdata is correctly and effectively integrated to make your website even better.

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