Tutorial: Using Microdata in uiThemeBuilder Articles

Microdata is a useful technique for marking up structured data in HTML, which is utilized by search engines and other services to better understand the content of a web page. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to use Microdata in uiThemeBuilder v.1.5.5 articles in Joomla.

Step 1: Open the Article to Be Edited in the Joomla Admin Area

Log in to the Joomla admin area and open the article you want to edit.

Step 2: Switch to the "Images and Links" Tab

Once you have the article open, switch to the "Images and Links" tab. Here, you can edit images and their descriptions.

Step 3: Use the Following Syntax in the Alt-Text

In the Alt Text (image description), you should use the following syntax:

1st Section | 2nd Section | Last Section
  • In the first section, provide an image description as the Alt text for the image.
  • In the second section, specify the creator of the image.
  • The last section is reserved for the image's license.

Use the vertical "|" symbol to separate the sections, as shown in the example above.

By using this syntax, you can provide essential information about the image in a structured form that can be more easily recognized and interpreted by search engines and other services.

That's it! Save your changes, and your uiThemeBuilder articles are now enriched with Microdata to make your content more visible and interpretable.
You can test your article on the Schema Markup Validator website to ensure that the Microdata is properly integrated and recognized by search engines.

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