The New Cache System in ui/Theme-Builder Pro

The ui/Theme-Builder Pro is a powerful tool for creating and customizing Jommla websites. In this guide, we'll explore the brand-new cache system in ui/Theme-Builder Pro and how to use it.

Global Settings in Component Settings

The cache system in ui/Theme-Builder Pro allows you to cache certain files to optimize the loading times of created pages. These settings can be found in the component settings.

The Global Cache is Off by Default

When you create a page with ui/Theme-Builder Pro, the global cache is disabled by default. This applies to both “SVG Background Images”, “SVG Dividers” and the created “Page” in your designs.

Globally Enabling the Cache

If you enable cache globally, "SVG Background Images" and "SVG Section Divider" will be cached. This setting affects all pages you create. The cache settings for each page are set to "on" by default.

It is also possible to make individual cache settings for each page. This is done in the page settings. This allows you to customize the cache settings for each page to suit your specific needs.

Cache time determines how long files are cached before they are updated. It is measured in seconds. If you choose 0, all cached files will be updated after 24 hours.

The cache system in ui/Theme Builder Pro provides an effective way to optimize the performance of your created pages and reduce loading times. Use this feature to get the most out of your design process.

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