Creating your first...

Creating your first gallery

You should find creating your first gallery in Joomla! v.4 using Gallery Pro component really easy, but if you run into some issues here’s a detailed guide that takes you through the entire process of creating your first gallery.


  • different layouts
  • support for image types .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .webp, .bmp
  • image caption templates
  • download option to save high-resolution image version
  • use GD library
  • more...

Click the component handle icon on the right in the column. Here select the Gallery Pro.

You will get an error in the preview. Gallery Folder Error! You can ignore this error and save (Apply) the component.

Now we will fix this error. By default the image directory for your original images is "JSITE_PATH/media/com_uithemebuilderpro/galleries". Load all your images and/or directories into this directory. You can also change the galleries folder later, but not the path.

By default, the thumbnail directory is "JSITE_PATH/images/galleries-thumbnails" and will be created automatically. You can also change this directory in the component settings, but not the path. Make sure that Gallery Pro has sufficient permissions to create the thumbnail folder.

Adding captions

The Gallery Pro component automatically sort images by name. But you can change this by placing a captions.txt file in each gallery directory. For each image, add a caption line with a vertical bar separating file name, short title and longer description.

unsere_erde_20111108_1575505557.jpg | Our earth | Our earth in ? Years...
filename.jpg | Your Title | Description ... with html tags ..

If multilingual support is enabled in the administration panel and a file captions-xx-XX.txt exists in a folder, where xx-XX is the placeholder for the ISO language code, e.g. en-GB for English (United Kingdom) or de-DE for Germany, the language-specific captions file is used, with fallback to the default captions.txt.

You can now play with the component settings, the preview will be updated automatically.

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